Projects completed

  • Drainage District #1 annexed Southeast Brownsville.  After 40 years of being abandoned the District cleaned all drainage canals which saved us from flooding during Hurricane Dolly.
  • Improved the Activity Center and Bingo Hall at Isla Blanca Park, as well as the Sandpiper and DJ Lerma pavilions
  • Improvement on Isla Blanca Park Roads
  • Helipad for emergency air care services established at Isla Blanca Park
  • Agent Jaime Jorge Zapata - Highway 48 Boat Ramp
  • El Jardin Elementary / Eddie A. Lucio Jr. Middle School Sidewalk Project

Projects in Progress

  • Expansion of Los Tomates Bridge
  • 550 Spur at Port of Brownsville (connecting Port to FM 511 to expressway)
  • Realignment of the East Loop ( to relocate traffic from Los Tomates to Port)
  • Veterans Bridge Expansion
  • SH 550 Port Spur (Will connect port of Brownsville to U.S. 77)
  • Judicial Software integration Project (All law enforcement departments will share information)
  • Electronic Toll Collection System at County Parks
  • North Dakota

Roads worked on and completed:

  • Hockaday Road
  • N. Oklahoma
  • N. Browne
  • S. Browne
  • N. Dakota
  • S. Dakota
  • Hope King
  • Hope King Circle\
  • Sea Ranch Marina
  • Tapachula Dr.
  • Paso Real Dr.
  • N. Illinois
  • Beachway Avenue
  • Maverick Rd.
  • Houston Rd.
  • Oakland Rd.
  • Atlantic Avenue
  • Bonham
  • Mora
  • Medford Ave.
  • Browne Rd.
  • Boca Chica Village
  • BISD Parking Lot
  • Chicago Ave
  • Vermont Ave
  • Villa Pancho Rd.
  • Vermont Rd.
  • Martinez Rd.
  • Maryland Rd.
  • South Point Rd.
  • Ruiz Rd.
  • Coronado Rd.
  • BISD Parking lot
  • Remedios & Joanne
  • County Court Parking Lot
  • Coronado
  • Dockberry
  • Bonham
  • Milam Rd.
  • Lohr Rd.
  • Paloma Blanca Rd.
  • Vermillion Rd.
  • Del Rio Rd.
  • Sabal Palm Rd.
  • Havenway Rd.
  • San Martin Blvd.
  • Benavides Park

Future Projects

  • Expansion of the Veterans Bridge East Loop
  • Construction of Pedestrian Sidewalk Canopy at Gateway Bridge
  • Construction of East Loop (Direct connection from Veterans Bridge to the Port of Brownsville)
  • Expansion of Browne Road Social Service Center
  • Improvements to Pedro “Pete” Benavides Park
  • Improvements to Vermillion Road (SH 4 to FM 802)
  • Widening of the Pilot Channel for the Bahia Grande
  • SPI 2nd Access
  • Conversion of U.S. 77 to Interstate standards

Future Transportation Projects

  • Veterans International Bridge at Los Tomates, Bridge Expansion - Need for Bridge Expansion: Truck Lane Improvements, Reduce Traffic Congestion, Improve Safety, Promote Economic Development, Improve Designated FAST & SENTRI Lanes. Estimated Construction Costs - $11 million
  • Brownsville / Matamoros West Railroad Relocation Project-  This project will move the existing rail lines from the city to the outskirts.   In addition, a new rail bridge will be built. It will be the first rail bridge to be built in over 100 years. Estimated Construction Costs - $35 million
  • Viability of 2nd Causeway
  • Widening of the Pilot Channel for the Bahia Grande

Special Projects

County Commissioner Sofia Benavides has served for 5 years. In her precinct she has various colonias such as Valle Escondido, Valle Hermoso and Sunny Skies just to name a few. The Pedro "Pete" Benavides Park and the Bob Clark Community Center sit in the center of these colonias. The Southmost area of Brownsville is in the heart of her precinct.

For the past 5 years, she has co-hosted with Evelon Dale, a Magical Christmas for needy children in these areas. The Magical Christmas has helped hundreds of families (children) have gifts, blankets, candy bags, new coats and bicycles as well as a beautiful Christmas party each year. 

She has also instituted annual health fairs at the Community Center to assist many families each year. She partners with El Consulado Mexicano in Brownsville as well as Valley Baptist Medical Center, Valley Regional Hospital, Texas A&M Extension Center, Planned Parenthood, Cameron County Health Department, and many others to assist area families.

She has worked with the Harlingen Medical Alliance to bring diabetic awareness classes to these areas. She wrote a grant to the Medical Alliance of Harlingen and secured funds to buy exercise equipment to be put in the Community Center in order to help prevent diabetes.

She has worked closely with Aurora De La Garza District Clerk to provide 5 passport fairs at the Community Center that help hundreds of families apply for their passports.

She has worked with donors to add over 60 new trees to Benavides Park as well as new BBQ pits, playground equipment, new scoreboard, bleachers, a new concession stand, and a butterfly garden for the enjoyment of the families of these colonias.

She has distributed throughout Brownsville for the past 5 years over 10,000 pairs of pajamas to children during the winter months. These pajamas were donated by a charitable organization in New York.